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How To Install and Play Non-Steam Left 4 Dead 2

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Posted 22 November 2009 - 04:03 PM

How To Install Non-Steam Left 4 Dead 2:
Updated 4-24-2009

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 - Download and install: 32-bit or 64-bit
Microsoft's .net Framework 3.5 - Download and install .net 3.5
Quick Setup:
I. Install Left 4 Dead 2
II. Update Left 4 Dead 2
III. Install Add-on Support
IV. Patch Game with Rev-Emu
V. Play by executing Left4Dead2.exe
VI. [Optional] Install L4D2 Authoring Tools

Detailed Information:

I. Install Left 4 Dead 2:
Download and Install Left for Dead 2.
From Steam, Razor's release or, better yet, grab the clean files

II. Update Left 4 Dead 2:
Update L4D2 to the latest version using the update installers linked below:
The Full Update will update any version of L4D2 and includes client and server files and a backup of original CEG protected client.dll included- use this one first if you're not sure.
Incremental Updates will update only one specific version to another specific version - use these to bring L4D2 up to the latest version.
After, and only after, installing latest update: Patch the game with Rev_emu.

III. Install Add-on Support:
Add-on Support Package will allow you to  run any custom map,
including the ones released for original L4D.
1- Install the Add-on Support package
2- and then install the latest Add-on Support Update to bring you up-to-date.
3- To fully utilize Add-on Support see the map&mods section or my blog post L4D1 on L4D2, Custom Campaigns and Maps.

IV. Patch Game with Rev-Emu:
1- Install Latest Rev-Emu Installer which includes left4dead2.exe and Setti masterserver.vdf.
Install to your Left 4 Dead 2 Installation Folder and choose which fix to use [either RevEmu or RevExe:].
2- Edit rev.ini with notepad to change your name. [SteamUser=YourName and PlayerName=YourName]
3- Edit rev.ini depending on how you would like to play:

   *   For playing single player via the main menu:

Edit rev.ini with notepad and comment out the ClientDLL line with a # like this:

   * For playing online and enable serverbrowser and SteamGroupServer on main menu:

Edit rev.ini with notepad and confirm the ClientDLL line is not commented out:
Go into your Left 4 Dead\bin\config folder and make sure Masterserver.vdf is set to Read-Only.
[The latest RevEmu installer will set this to read-only for you]
NOTES: Use openserverbrowser in console to open the server browser.
Setti servers will now show up in the custom tab of the server browser.
Favorites tab doesn't work - Don't use it - it will crash your game
SETTI Steam Group Servers will be available via the Main Menu for quick connection to servers!!

V. Play by executing Left4Dead2.exe:
Create a shortcut on your desktop to left4dead2.exe and add -console -novid -nohltv  to its launch parameters:
Right click your shortcut, select properties. In the "Target" field, you should have:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2.exe" -console -novid -nohltv
[The latest Rev-Emu installer will create a desktop icon for you.]
For more information on console commands, startup parameters and to further customize your gaming experience read [urlhttp://blog.theevilpc.com/2010/02/left-4-dead-2-making-custom-autoexeccfg.html]Left 4 Dead 2 - Making a Custom AutoExec.cfg[/url].
Play Left 4 Dead!

VI. [Optional] Install L4D2 Authoring Tools:
Install the Authoring Tools package into your L4D2 installation folder, and then make a shortcut to SDKLauncher.exe [located in yer \bin folder].

If you previously used Stryder Loader and wish to move to the New Rev-Emu:
1-Remove Stryder Loader:
delete stryder.dll, stryder.ini, stryder.txt, IniGen.exe from root folder and remove Name Enabler Addon.
2-Install repacked update with new patched client.dll.
3-Install latest rev-emu.

Steam Group Servers works with Setti Master Server!!


NOTE:Add Setti as the MasterServer:
IV. Add Setti as the MasterServer:
1. Download MasterServers.vdf from here: http://css.setti.inf...e/masterserver/
2. Create a folder named 'config' inside the 'bin' folder. [Ex. C:\Program Files\Left 4 Dead\bin\config]
3. Copy MasterServers.vdf to the config folder, right click and set its attribute to read-only.
4- Go to your L4D shortcut [used to launch game]. Right click it and select properties.
5- In the shortcut tab, add -console -serverbrowser to the end of the target line. Click Apply and OK.
6- Open the game, go into console and type: openserverbrowser.

NOTE: Private\Cracked servers will now show up in the custom tab of the server browser.
Favorites tab will CTD.

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Posted 24 April 2010 - 08:51 PM

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